Does your organization still rely on paper trails?

Is your mobile workforce equipped with complex, hard to master mobile apps to fill in information?

Are there processes within your mobile workforce that cannot be easily and quickly adapted when you want to do so?

It’s 2014 out there, ReporterXL is the answer to these questions and will help you adapt your business processes and make your mobile workers happier!

Product Highlights

  • Multiplatform and works both online and offline
  • Available as standalone app or as a component for your own apps
  • No more paper registrations
  • Extremely easy to use and adaptable
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Gathering information using paper or complex mobile apps is slow, inefficient and frustrating.

ReporterXL makes the process of filling in questionnaires on mobile phone and tablets. It is very simple to use, does not require user training and runs on all platforms. As all our mobile apps ReporterXL can be used when there is no network connection available so your mobile worker can always fill in the information that he is supposed to. Moreover, it is Enterprise-ready because it comes with a handy web application to create, change and publish questionnaires. ReporterXL also has an analytic engine to slice and dice the results.

ReporterXL can easily be integrated into existing enterprise systems or you can just have the results of questionnaires exported and use this in your own favourite tools.

Customer story

A process manager at a train operator company needs to ensure that all train conductors follow the same procedure when dealing with passengers travelling without valid tickets.

  1. He creates a questionnaire for this procedure in ReporterXL’s backend and lists down all questions that should be asked and all information that should be collected.
  2. He pushes the new questionnaire to the mobile devices of train conductors in the field.

A train conductor runs the ReporterXL app on his mobile device. ReporterXL automatically collects all new questionnaires or updates existing ones.

  1. When dealing with a passenger without a valid ticket, he runs the questionnaire in ReporterXL app and provides all the answers digitally. Answers that are available in the device itself, like date/time, the train number and current location are added to the results automatically
  2. A completed questionnaire is immediately uploaded to the backoffice and made available to the process manager together with all related photos, time and location of the incident.


ReporterXL ensures compliance with internal procedures; helps meet service level agreements and delivers a consistent level of quality to the customers. Moreover, ReporterXL allows the organization to stop using paper-based questionnaires and checklists that need to be processed manually later.

Key features

  • different kinds of questions (multiple choice, ratings, rankings, comments, images and many others);
  • scanning QR codes, taking photos, videos and record voice as a part of questionnaire;
  • optical recognition of text;
  • saving timestamps and locations of where the questionnaire was filled out and time it took to complete it;
  • extensive analytics and graphs across different questionnaire criteria;
  • feeding questionnaire results into existing backend systems for analysis.

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