Is your mobile workforce driving around inefficiently?

Can your routes be planned more efficiently?

Would it be possible to save on fuel, time and resources and in the meantime make your customers happier?

RoutiGo will help you achieve these goals in your organization.

Product Highlights

  • Autocorrecting of (missing) addresses
  • Route optimization with time constraints
  • Mobile companion app
  • Self learning algorithms
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RoutiGo* is a fully modular route optimization product suite for your mobile workforce. It helps you with planning, driving and tracking routes as well as registering the work in the field. Getting faster to the right stops, work faster and with less errors. The route optimization has shown up to 30% savings in distance.

Additionally, we see as an important side effect that training of new employees is no longer needed. Oddly, we understand that companies already tried to implement a similar solution with disappointing results. Often these inflexible systems solve problems that companies don’t have with huge investments in time and money.

RoutiGo applicable for all kinds of companies that have people on the road with multiple stops. You can think of (parcel) delivery couriers,  (sales) representatives, waste management, pharmacy delivery.


  • Preprocessing data with autocorrection of addresses with auto-/manual resolving of GPS coordinates and self learning algorithms to improve address data quality.
  • Route optimization engine that takes time constraints and other restrictions into account.
  • Detailed optimization scores with indicates for savings in time and fuel.
  • Support for deviating from the suggested routes.
  • Track and trace.
  • Mobile app for the employees that is a great companion app with up-to-date and personalized information about the workday.
  • Mobile registrations of work (pickup or delivery details).
  • The mobile app can fully be customized to represent your company’s styling and support your specific processes.
  • RoutiGo is available as an cloud based service or on-premise. With the easy-to-use API it integrates seamlessly into your existing systems and processes.


  • Average of 20% savings (in distance)
  • Fast return on investment (start Today)
  • Including mobile app for registration at stops
  • Great UX experience
  • Secured data communication
  • Focus on 80%; don’t solve problems you don’t have
  • Track record of EsperantoXL in developing, integrating deploying and supporting mobile business solutions with great UX experience

* = In collaboration with

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