EsperantoXL works for high profile Dutch companies with complex and diverse ICT landscapes. Our system integration skills are crucial in these environments. We deliver simple but efficient solutions. Our commitment to our customers fuels our Business to ICT approach. Understanding your market is very important to us. Our main focus markets are Public Transport, Logistics and Banking; we help companies optimizing the flow of people, goods and money.


Logistics and distribution is an industry where the margins are low and profits are highly dependent on high volumes being processed as efficient as possible. Achieving these efficiencies by taking full advantage of IT systems is of crucial importance for logistics companies. Logistics companies look for fast ways to optimise their processes by incorporating smart and flexible solutions into their systems.

EsperantoXL understands the challenges and the unique dynamics of the logistics market and has hands-on experience with large and mid-size logistics companies. We deliver cloud-based and on-premises solutions (Mobile apps, backend systems, etc.) tailored to the situation and the needs of our clients. Our co-development agile approach promotes creativity and flexibility during the development phases while minimising risks and uncertainties.

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  Public Transport

More than 50% of population are expected to live in metropolitan areas by 2050 according to the World Bank. This presents serious challenges to transport grids, more and more people will need to commute and travel daily. Naturally, public transport will play an essential role in increasing mobility of urbanites: not only because of its speed, price and convenience, but due to its efficiency and low environmental impact.

Mobile technologies are emerging and fuel the conversion of regular cities into smart cities. Citizens and mobile workers in the public transport industry are consuming the data that local governments open and provide real-time feedback to municipalities. Intermodal travel planners that allow choosing the best route from one point to another in different cities are a perfect example of this trend. However, even more impact will be delivered by context-aware mobile technologies — applications and hardware that can take into account the whereabouts of a person, his status, availability, as well as data from numerous sensors around him, and drastically change his interaction with services that are provided by public transport operators.

The Dutch Railways (NS) run one of the most complex and dynamic traveling operations of the world. As an important partner in enterprise mobility for the NS, EsperantoXL has become an experienced partner in supporting and innovating industry specific processes.

In public transport the mobile worker has a big responsibilities: keep the punctuality of the grid at the highest level, ensure the safety of travelers. This requires reliable tools that always gives you up-to-date information.

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